Take Action!

Dear friends and supporters of a free-flowing White River,

Many in our communities have only recently become aware that there is organized opposition to the proposed dam on White River. While our position stands in stark contrast to the plan put forth by the dam promoters, we share one belief in common: that the White River is one of central Indiana’s most significant natural resources.

While the reservoir promoters plan to destroy 7½ miles of a scenic river ecosystem, Heart of the River Coalition supports a plan to make the river the centerpiece of a multiple-use greenway connecting Anderson to the White River and Cardinal Greenways in Muncie. Our plan would protect prehistoric earthworks, preserve valuable wildlife habitat, and cost an estimated one tenth the cost of a dam while adding recreational and business opportunities in central Indiana.

We believe that the proposed Mounds Lake Commission, if approved by Madison and Delaware City and County governmental units, would strip the public of further input in the reservoir debate.

Mounds Lake ReservoirAccording to Indiana Code 36-7-23, the Mounds Lake Commission, once approved by elected officials in Delaware and Madison Counties, would be a "Multiple County Infrastructure Authority" with the mandate to "pursue a plan for the development, financing, permitting, and construction of a reservoir in Madison County and Delaware Counties" without having to consider the Mounds Greenway or any other alternative . The Commission could hire an executive director, secretarial staff, legal counsel, engineers, consultants, and technical and financial experts. It would have the power of eminent domain and could raise money by issuing bonds. The Commission would not have to be responsive to public input because its members would be appointed and could not be voted out.

Heart of the River Coalition together with other coalition partners believe that decisions of this magnitude should not made by a handful of local officials (who might have a conflict of interest when making policy decisions). If local governmental bodies vote to appoint representatives to a Mounds Lake Commission, they would not only be committing to construction and maintenance of a dam; they would be assuming perpetual legal responsibility and financial obligation for it as well.

We urge you to take action by writing a letter or making a phone call to the County Commissioners or County Council of Delaware and Madison Counties or, if you live in the city limits of Anderson or Muncie, to express your opposition by letter or phone call to the Mayor’s Office and City Council members. Politely demand that alternatives to dam building be explored. Multiple contacts are encouraged, as are letters to the editor of your local paper. We have attached a document with contact information for your elected representatives.

Remember — you DO have a voice and our elected officials need to hear from constituents who oppose damming the White River and who want to explore other avenues for economic development.


Click here to contact your local officials.